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Bachelor and Master Thesis

We constanstly offer interesting topics as bachelor or master thesis directly derived from our research projects.

We are also highly interested in open proposals for potential thesis topics. Just approach to us.

current open topics

Measurement of Thruster Modules

Definition of the test setup, as well as execution and evaluation of the tests to determine the performance of the MUM-thruster modules in the towing channel of the TU Berlin. 

Interested? Please contact Sebastian Ritz

MUM Cases2Star

Systematic investigation of the viscous flow parameters of a modular underwater vehicle for manoeuvre prediction. Construction of a parametric vehicle model for CFD calculation of the hydrodynamic properties and conversion of the results into a surrogate model for fast estimation of the parameters for a manoeuvre simulation in the time domain.

Interested? Please contact Sebastian Ritz

Simulation DeepSea Calmar

Simulation of the motion behaviour of an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) in the time domain. Implementation of simple controllers for the adjustment of forced positions in space and for trajectory tracking.

Interested? Please contact Sebastian Ritz

VCTD @ Foil

Development of a multisensor (V-Velocity, C-Conductivity, T-Temperature, D-Depth) integrated into a flow profile. Testing of various sensors and construction of an Arduino circuit or similar with integration into a flow profile, final validation of the sensor in the flow channel.

Interested? Please contact Sebastian Ritz


Programming of an automatic launch and recovery prototype system (LARS) for unmanned water vehicles. In order to couple a located object, an UWB-based location system and a robot controller shall be implemented in the exisiting LARS-prototype. Validation in the wave basin.

A topic related occupation as a research assistant  for 6 month afterwards is possible.

Interested? Please contact Sebastian Ritz

D2C for UUV

Developement of a design2cost strategy for unmanned underwater vehicles. A guideline for cost estimation and reduction in the early design phase of unmanned underwater vehicles shall be conceived. Therefore, varying realization options for essentiell subsystems shall be investigated and cost to scale dependencies shall be calculated. Based on that a cost optimization shall be developed.

In this context a 4-month contract as a student assistant is possible.

Interested? Please contact Sebastian Ritz

Design of a ROV-Module for the MUM-Function module

Developement of a housing module for a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV). Housing module will be integrated into the MUM-function model. Constructive design of the module and mechatronic designof the tethering-management-system (Torque controlled winch for cable).

Interested? Please contact Sebastian Ritz


Integration of a low-cost-robot into the MUM-function model. Mechatronic integration of an IGUS-Robolink into the module frame and outfitting with additional sensors in order to enable manual or semi-automatic control

Interested? Please contact Sebastian Ritz

Cooling concept for the hybrid push boat ELEKTRA

Conpetion of cooler systems for ELEKTRA and benchmark with giving the prevailing system.

Interested? Please contact Peter Segieth


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