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Advanced Decision Support for Shiprouting based on Full-scale Ship-specific Responses as well as Improved Sea and Weather Forecasts including Synoptic, High Precision and Realtime Satellite Data

The sea performance of a ship and, hence, the safety and well-being of its passengers and crew, the quality of life of people at sea, and the ship's cargo, its life time, speed, fuel consumption and emissions, the economics and environmental impact of sea transport, all depend on sea state and weather along the SEAROUTES.

The captain of a ship may eventually select ship specific optimum routes to minimize adverse and maximize beneficial effects, to be quantified in achievement functions.

The sea state responses of a ship are given by its motion transfer functions, so-called Response Amplitude Operators (RAO), mainly for roll, pitch and heave, and its propulsion-resistance relationship. Actions from sea surface winds and reactions of the ship can be analyzed as well and added.

Ship reactions to environmental loads shall be established and analyzed in numerical models to be used as operational nowcasting, forecasting and routing tools for specific ships and their transport specific loading plans. Those tools will considerably contribute to improve safety, economics, environmental impacts and logistics of ship transport.



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