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Even before the first world war

        • In the middle of the 19th century, shipbuilding was taught at engineering studies first of all in berlin
        • 1879 treaty on Royal Technological Institute Charlottenburg
        • from 1871 diploma examinations
        • from 1899 doctoral law submitted to the university
        • Awarding of academic degree Dipl.-Ing. (equality with universities)

        1903 inauguration of experimental station for shipbuilding


        Between the World Wars

        • An enabling vocational policy will allow gaining an extraordinary meaning to marine research in Berlin
        • The VWS was altered, the towing tank was widened and a ground was moved into for investigations on the effects of shallow waters
        • aluminized trailing carriage at a speed of 20 m/sec for investigation on naval vessels

        Recommencement 1946

        • New opening 1946 - clean break with the NS-past, beacause of the integration of Humanities the university became "Technische Universität".
        • The university reform as a consequence of the student movement of the 1970s was promoted by structural change (Rote Zelle Schiffbau)
        • Increasing reduction of public resources leads to the depletion of jobs in the 1980s and, finally in the 1990s.  To the genre, today there are still two fields of SMT (in the past there were ten)
        • The VWS was hard hit by the effect of the war, it was rebuilt, extended and transferred to property of berlin
        • 1967 large construction of circulating tank began, it should enable the comprehansive research of flow phenomena under low pressure conditions
        • After reunification the SVA Potsdam came as a competitor to subsidies, the VWS which was transferred to TUB before was closed in 1998 as a result of it

        Historical people of Ship and Marine Technology (SMT) in Berlin

        • 1892 Otto Flamm, first professor who began intensive research into shipbuilding , department: „Design of ships“
        • Professor Friedrich Sass, further developments for fuel oil of ship's diesel
        • Dr.-Ing. Schaffran, basics for ship models and ship's propeller
        • Dr.-Ing. Fritz Horn, discussed and examined academic aspects, he forced the reconstruction of VWS after war
        • Prof. Erwin Strohbusch, department of "Design of ships"

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